Your Red Monkey Shopping Sack
The message below is only relevent to AOL users running any Version below 7.0, we belive the problem has been fixed in the Version 7.0 AOL software but this will still be relevent to users still on earlier versions.

Due to an incompatibility with AOL's browser software and World Pays payment system the system will not work and you will not be able to complete payment.

You can still order from us by Logging In/Signing On to the internet via AOL as you usually do. Once online launch your 'Internet Explorer' browser from outside the AOL software (it comes installed on most computers as standard). Use that internet browser to shop and order from our site, you will be able to pay without any problems using Internet Explorer.

Sorry for the inconvenience it is not our fault but an issues to do with World Pay and AOL, which can not be resolved until AOL conform with web standards.

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