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La Cafetiere

Red Monkey Coffee.Com La Cafetiere Range At A Glance

Know what you want? Simply order from this page or click on items to see more details and larger images.

Cafetiere Size Capacitys:

12 Cup (Espresso/Demitasse Cups) = 1.5 Litres / 4-5 Mugs
8 Cup (Espresso/Demitasse Cups) = 1 Litre / 3 Mugs (Standard Size)
4 Cup (Espresso/Demitasse Cups) = 600ml / 1-2 Mugs
3 Cup (Espresso/Demitasse Cups) = 350ml / 1 Mug

  1. Small Lexi Fine China Cafetiere

    Lexi Cafetière

    The Lexi Fine China Cafetière has been designed by Alison Appleton. For that cermaic china feel to having drinks this is ideal. With an almost Japanese or 1920's feel an refined way to brew and serve coffee.

    Lexi Cafetiere 420ml
    £32.99 FREE DELIVERY

    Lexi Cafetiere 900ml
    £42.99 FREE DELIVERY
  2. Monaco Cafetières by La Cafetière

    Monaco Cafetières

    The Monaco is a striking cafetière with simple, crisp lines creating a geometric design. Available in five colours.

    Monaco Cafetiere 8 Cup 1000ml
    £20.95 FREE DELIVERY

    Monaco Cafetiere 8 Cup 1000ml BLACK
    £20.95 FREE DELIVERY

    Monaco Cafetiere 8 Cup 1000ml
    £20.95 FREE DELIVERY

    Monaco Cafetiere 8 Cup 1000ml
    £20.95 FREE DELIVERY

    Monaco Cafetiere 8 Cup 1000ml RETRO BLUE
    £20.95 FREE DELIVERY

  1. Geo Cafetières

    Geo Cafetière

    The stunning Geo Cafetière is the perfect contemporary choice for any coffee lover.

    Geo Cafetiere 8 Cup 860ml

    £38.95 FREE DELIVERY

    Geo Cafetiere 3 Cup 480ml
    £30.95 FREE DELIVERY

  2. Café Boheme - 800ml Coffee Press

    Café Boheme - 800ml Coffee Press

    The timeless classic coffee press with a unique twist. The double wall means your coffee is kept piping hot. Glass & Stainless Steel.

    Cafe Boheme Cafetiere 800ml

    £42.95 FREE DELIVERY

  1. Meadow 8 Cup Cafetière

    Meadow - 8 Cup Cafetiere

    The Meadow features an elegant floral design in duck egg blue and polished steel. Comes in gift box.

    Meadow Cafetiere 8 Cup 1000ml

    £29.95 FREE DELIVERY

  2. Thermique 8 Cup Cafetiere

    Thermique Cafetière

    The smooth, elegant Thermique is a winning combination of practicality and style. Its double-walled design keeps coffee hot for longer. A silver service look.
    Click for more info and ordering...
  1. Nouveau Classic Cafetière - 3 Cup

    Nouveau Classic Cafetière

    Created by leading British designer Nick Munro the Nouveau Classic Cafetière features, chrome-plated.

    Nouveau Cafetiere 8 Cup 1000ml

    £40.95 FREE DELIVERY

    Nouveau Cafetiere 3 Cup 350ml
    £25.50 FREE DELIVERY

  2. Nouveau Classic Cafetière - 3 Cup

    Rainbow Cafetiere

    Enamel effect, click for detals and ordering...


Classic La Cafetiere Range...



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