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All our prices include FREE UK Delivery

FREEPHONE: 0800 321 3357


Postal Address:

Please contact us for a returns reference before returning any items also returns do not always go to this address.

This is our registered business address, no shop (yet) and we can not accept visitors / enquries in person, thank you.

422 Archway Road
N6 4JH
United Kingdom

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Premium Quicker Delivery £3.95

(If the quantity does not appear in the box check your cart as it will be added.)

We can deliver any order on Saturday for a premium delivery charge, you must order before 1pm Friday or call if after. Price is either £10 for small order under 2kg in weight, any doubt call or email. Over 2kg for all electric espresso machines it is £20. Add the premium service below to your shopping cart and pay for it with your other items as usual.

Premium SATURDAY Delivery
Small Orders / Under 2Kg
(Cafetieres, Stove Tops etc) £10
(Latest 1pm Friday for Saturday Delivery)

Premium SATURDAY Delivery
Large Orders / Over 2Kg
(Jura, Espresso Machines etc)
(Latest 1pm Friday for Saturday Delivery)

If you are at all unsure which option you need
Call FREEPHONE 0800 321 3357
or email

Coffee Related Questions

Ordering/Site Related Questions

What card types do you accept?

    Card types we accept over our secure payment page are:
    We now also except American Express Cards

    Visa | Mastercard | Eurocard | Visa Debit | Switch | Solo | Delta | JCB | Visa Electron | Maestro

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Are we VAT Registered?

    Yes we are VAT registered. Things to note are that coffee is zero rated so there is no VAT on it, also note that all prices include VAT. If you want a VAT invoice/ Tax Receipt then email once you have ordered and we can email a VAT invoice for your records.

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How is the coffee delivered?

    The coffee itself is packaged in a special coffee bag which is lined with a sealed material keeping the goodness in and reduces the coffees exposure to the air. The coffee is usually sent out within 48 hours by Royal Mail post/courier depending on the size of the order.
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What are your delivery times?

    Espresso/Coffee Machines / Roasters Delivery Times:

    Prices include FREE UK Delivery by 24 Hour or 48 Hour Courier.
    Orders are normally dispatched within 48 hours of ordering, if you specifically require it by a certain date let us know on the order page in the 'latest delivery date' box.

    Coffee Delivery Times:

    Prices include FREE UK Delivery by Royal Mail / Courier.
    Orders are normally dispatched by the above method within 48 hours.

    Accessories Delivery Times:

    Prices include FREE UK Delivery by 1st Class Royal Mail / Courier.
    Orders are normally dispatched within 1-2 working days.

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Do I need to be in when my coffee is delivered?

    The short answer is yes, but we have tested our packages and if you are ordering the 227g bag it should squeeze into a standard size letter box. The 500g will not fit but your coffee is delivered by Royal Mail so you know when it will arrive. If you are out and the package will not fit in your letter box you will be able to pick it up from your local sorting office, please note the post man doesnt always leave a card, so if you are expecting a delivery please check down your local sorting office if it hasnt arrived.
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How long does coffee last?

    Coffee Beans: Once you have the beans they are at their very freshest for upto 2 weeks and ideally used within 4 weeks but will still be near their best for 4-6 weeks. If you are keeping beans any longer than 4-6 weeks then you should put them in an airtight container in the freezer, they will stay fresh longer and can last upto a year but the cup quality will not be as good as beans used within the first 2 weeks. Even once opened they will be good for 9 months, we advise a best before of 9 months, if still sealed it will keep its freshness longer.
    Ground Coffee: If you buy your coffee ground then it should really be used within 7 days for the freshest cup and best taste, but it will last for around 2 weeks. Deterioration starts immediately it is ground and exposed to the air, so store it in an air tight container to retain freshness for as long as possible. The best way to buy coffee is in bean form, buy a grinder and grind only the amount you need as you use it. It will still be good for upto 6 months after that it will have lost flavour, but still useable. If sealed it will keep its feshness longer.
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How do I store my coffee?

    You can store your coffee in the bag we supply it in, making sure the bag is resealed after use. Some people put their coffee in the refrigerator or even freezer, we don't advise this for coffee that will be used quickly, but if you are not going to be using it for a long period it can help preserve the freshness, but be aware that coffee is quite absorbant and can absorb smells and moisture from other items so make sure it is airtight sealed. To preserve your coffee the longest, you should keep it in an air tight container or even better keep it in beans and only grind it as you use it.
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What if I am unhappy with my coffee?

    We pride ourselves on selling high quality real coffee and having it hand packed and checked, if you do have a problem then tell us about it and we will look into it and if there is reason we will offer a refund or replace the coffee.
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What size is the bag in the photos?

    The coffee bag in the photo is the 227g bag. This is no longer the actual bag you will receive when you order your coffee, all coffee is now sent in a plastic/foil type silver air tight bags which keep the coffees exposure to the air to a minimum. The 500g bag looks a bit different because of its size. The packaging may change without notice due to changes in packaging supplies etc.
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Do I need a grinder if I buy beans?

    You do need a grinder if you are buying your coffee in bean form. You can buy grinders from our grinders section where we have a good range of value quality grinders.
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What is the coffee weight in pounds and ounces?

Is it secure to make payments on your site?

    When shopping at Red Monkey Coffee you can be sure your information is secure and protected.

    We protect your credit card details as it travels over the Internet by using encryption technology by Verisign, the industry leader. We also protect your information during the transaction by using secure processing by using WorldPay, another industry leader. And, we protect your information from abuse, promising not to send you information without permission, or to sell your individual information to others for promotional purposes.

    In short, we take every effort to ensure that you're protected-so that you are safe with us!

    We can make such a guarantee because our software and technology is the benchmark for the industry, the same secure server software (SSL) and encryption systems that are used by other leading online retailers.
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How are my card details stored and who has access to them?

    We are pleased to let you know that no one including any of our staff will ever see your card details. The card transaction is processed by a large well know credit card processing company World Pay Ltd owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland and used by many small and large businesses. Your card details are not stored on any of our servers, nor will we ever know your card number during the payment processes. You are safe with us.

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How will I know you have received my order?

    When you place an order and have paid by credit card you will receive 2 emails, the first will be a automatically created confirmation of your order and details, the second is the payment confirmation. You should receive this instantly, email us if you do not receive these emails, if you receive just the order details and not a payment confirmation you have not paid or you entered your email address incorrectly on the payment page. Email us if you paid successfully but have not received a payment confirmation.
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How do I specify if I want my order to be delivered elsewhere?

    If you want your coffee delivered to a different address then detail where you want it to go in the comments request box on the order page. We are happy to carry out any requests for multiple delivery addresses. If it is a special gift then we can also add a message if you specify it in the requests box as well. It's all part of the service. If you are ordering machines we will make additional checks for security purposes, on all orders we will require the full unabriviated billing address for the card used for payment.
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Why is the payment taken from

    The reason the payment page says is because is part of the We are though a separate business, using the group's payment facilities. This is to keep costs to a minimum by using a unified single payment gateway.

Can I pay by cheque? YES

    Yes you can pay by cheque. All you have to do is print out the order form (stage 1) and send it with your cheque made payable to "wardigroup" to (This is our registered business address, no shop (yet) and we can not accept visitors / enquries in person, thank you.):

    Red Monkey Coffee
    422 Archway Road
    N6 4JH

    Please note this is our office address.

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Can I pay by bank transfer? YES

    Yes you can pay by bank transfer, simply setup a direct bank transfer payment into our account by BACS or CHAPS or CASH Deposit (depending on how fast you need the order), email or call us and we can issue a proforma invoice with our bank payment details, if you first shop on the site as usual and add items to your order, then complete the order form and in the comments box put 'payment to be made by direct bank transfer' submit the order details and the order details will go to us. You do not need to complete the payment page. If you then make the transfer sometime in the next 7 days, we will then look out for the payment transaction in our account and as soon as we have received it we will email you to confirm receipt of payment and we will send your order out. If you need it urgently call and we can on occassions dispatch before payment.

    When setting up the payment, if possible put a reference on the payment using your full name or company name as the reference.

Can I order by phone? YES

    Yes you can order by phone call FREEPHONE 0800 321 3357. Please note someone might not always be available to take your call, please leave a message and we will get back to you, thank you for your patience.

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Have you got an advertising banner I can put on my site?

    We dont have one right now but if you want to feature our site we have logo files and images if you want to use them. We do not have a pay per click scheme any people wanting to display our logo are free to do so providing they notify us beforehand.

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Tel: 0870 207 4831
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