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Jura UK Red Monkey CoffeeAuthorised Jura Dealer since launched in the UK 2001 - Red Monkey Coffee

Jura UK - Bean to Cup Coffee Machines
at Specialists Red Monkey Coffee

Jura combines the latest Swiss technology and design in a state of the art fully automatic espresso/cappuccino maker, they specialise only in bean to cup machines. Each machine will take whole beans and at the touch of a button, grind, tamp and brew true fresh espresso coffee direct into your cup.

Jura machines come with a FREE 2 Year Warranty.

Probably the best bean to cup espresso machines in the world! As Red Monkey Coffee is one of the top and longest serving Authorised Jura dealers, we can offer you the best value on your Jura Coffee Machine – including amazing FREE extras packages with every machine!

Red Monkey Coffee are serious about coffee! We offer you the best advice, the best deal and help you buy with the most ease.

As you will have found out, Jura are probably the best for bean to cup coffee machines, Swiss engineering and design along with finely tuned coffee brewing. Jura have spent years getting more & more out of the humble coffee bean, which has resulted in machines which produce quality fresh coffee every time.

Flexible Free Extras with Jura Coffee Machines

Although we at Red Monkey Coffee list a selection of free extras with every machine, if you prefer, they are flexible and you can choose exactly what you want to make up your personal free extras, chop and change, more coffee? a set of cups you like? or even an iPOD? you tell us!

It works very simply, no complicated selection system, just make a list of what you want up to the free extras value! Easy, then put that list in the 'Comments Box' on the order page or email it to us. Or ff you happy with our popular selection, no need to do anything, if you do not ask us to change anything we will send you the extras as listed on each machines page. Of course if your ordering by freephone 0800 321 3357 you can just tell us over the phone.

Your Custom Is Important To Us - PRICE MATCHING

We value your custom and every order is very important to us – that's why we offer you great deals. So look no further for Jura Coffee machines, if you've been offered a better deal or lower price – contact us first, so before you hand over your cash contact grant@redmonkeycoffee.com for the VERY BEST Jura deal – Grants the Jura specialist and will answer your every question, don't do the deal until you've contacted us - submit the PRICE MATCH form, email us or call freephone 0800 321 3357, we look forward to hearing from you.

Jura UK

Z7 Aluminium Generation II
Z5 Chrome

Jura Z7 Aluminium
One Touch - Two Cups

+ Flexible Free Extras Worth £307

Full Details Coming Soon - see Jura Z5 details and free extras for now.

Main Features
One Touch Cappuccino/Latte etc
New Maximum Cup Height 153mm
2 Cups Dispenced At Once
Brushed Aluminium Finish
Twin Thermoblock Boiler
• Stainless Steel Boiler Pipes
• Stainless Steel Milk Thermos

Click for full details of Z5, Z7 details soon...

Jura Z7 Chrome Coffee MachineZ7 Chrome

Jura Z7 Chrome
One Touch - Two Cups

Full Details Coming Soon - see Jura Z5 details and free extras for now.

Alternative 1 Year Commercial Warranty £175

Main Features
Same As Z7 Aluminium Above Except:
Chrome Finish
• Cast Aluminium Drip Tray

Exactly the same as Jura Z7 Aluminium, but with more luxurious material finishes.
Click for full details...

S9 One Touch


Jura S9 One Touch

Domestic 25 Month Warranty
(Covers 10 Cups Per Day)

Alternative 1 Year Commercial Warranty

Main Features
NEW One Touch Cappuccino
Twin Thermoblock Boiler
• Stainless Steel Boiler Pipes
• Cup Warmer Plate

The prince of cappuccinos, now with one touch like the Jura Z5! Fully featured...
Click for full details...

Jura J5 Bean To Cup Coffee Maker
Image is of old J5 - New Images Coming Soon

Roger Federer - Jura UK




All Piano Black

Main Features
Horizontally adjustable dispenser <>
Machine body piano white or black
• Accessories compartment

A new innovation from Jura, horizontal width as well as vertical height adjustable coffee dispenser. First Jura to have a white machine body, iPOD style.
Click for full details...

Jura C5 Black Automatic Coffee Machine


Main Features
Rotary Switch Controls
Sexy all black finish
• Ground Coffee Detection
• Art deco clean lines

Same as the C5 Silver, but in black, if you prefer all black, congratulations you have just saved £45!.
Click for full details...



Click to see main page for ordering as there are colour options...

Main Features
Slim only 23.8cm wide
New Design
Great Value for money
• Has more adjustable coffee spout than ENA3
Jura ENA Claris Plus Water Filter Single £11.50
(Only suitable for ENA models) (For normal Filters click here)


Same as the ENA3, but comes in more colours, as standard includes Easy Auto Cappuccino Unit but as we include with the ENA3 that isnt a consideration.
Click for full details...




Click to see main page for ordering as there are colour options...

Main Features
Slim only 23.8cm wide
New Design
Great Value for money
• £100 Less than ENA 5, if you want White or Black save £100

Same as the ENA5, but comes in less colours, as standard it does NOTE include Easy Auto Cappuccino Unit but we are giving you one for free with the machine!
Click for full details...


Jura ENA Claris Plus Water Filter Click Here

Jura Cool Control Milk Fridge BLACK

Jura Cool Control Milk Fridge WHITE

Jura Stainless Steel Thermal Milk Container

Jura Easy Auto Cappuccino Unit

For other Jura Accessories and Consumable see links below...

Jura COMMERCIAL - If you are looking for a commercial machine check out our Jura & other commercial coffee machine range. Click here.

Red Monkey Coffee.Com Price Beater - Have you seen the machine at a lower price but prefer to deal with Red Monkey Coffee? Simply e-mail telling us the web address of where you have seen the same model cheaper (including delivery charges) and we will try and beat the price for you!

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