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Jura UK Red Monkey CoffeeAuthorised Jura Dealer since launched in the UK 2001 - Red Monkey Coffee

Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso,
Cappuccino, Latte
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Jura Impressa J5 White

Jura Impressa J5...
+ Free Extras Worth... £175.00


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0800 321 3357
Free UK Delivery

All Piano White
(Top, Front & Side Panels all gloss piano white)
+ Free Extras Worth £175.00

Silver & Piano White
(Top and Front Silver, side gloss Piano White)
+ Free Extras Worth £175.00

Jura J5 Bean To Cup Coffee Maker
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Silver & Black
(Top and Front Silver, side gloss Piano Black)
+ Free Extras Worth £175.00

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Red Monkey Coffee's Flexible Free Extras... Worth
Free 2 Year Full UK Manufacturer Warranty
Free Next Day UK Delivery With Online Tracking
Free Professional Auto Cappuccino Unit
Free 2 Kgs of different Red Monkey Coffees
Free 2 Jura Claris Water Filters
Free 6 Pack of Cleaning Tablets
Free 3 Pack of Decalcifying Tablets
Free 1 Litre of Jura Cappuccino Cleaning Liquid
Free 2 Quality Cappuccino Cups & Saucers
Free Chocolate / Cinnamon Shaker
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Plus pay by DEBIT CARD & get an extra 1Kg of coffee or £16 to apply to what you want!

Don't like these free extras? No problem they are flexible, apart from the delivery we can change any items for whatever you want up to the same value, all part of Red Monkey Coffees service. Simply order and list what you want instead or call and we can work it out, call freephone 0800 321 3357.

Optional Accessories Commonly Purchased...

Jura New Style Milk Container Normally £24.95
Only £19.95 When Purchased with a Jura Machine
Combined with the Auto Cappuccino unit to hold the milk, hose attaches to tube on milk container and milk is drawn by Auto Cappuccino Unit. Click for more details...

Jura Stainless Steel Thermal Milk Container Normally £49.95
Only £44.95 When Purchased with a Jura Machine
Combined with the Auto Cappuccino unit to hold the milk, double walled design keeps milk cold & fresh out of the fridge for longer.

About the Jura Impressa Bean to Cup Espresso Machine Range

With stylish Swiss design and quality Swiss build the Jura Bean to Cup machine range is the latest in espresso coffee making technology. These machines will produce professional quality espresso at the touch of a button in a matter of seconds. All the machines can produce espresso coffee in a number of variations of strength & quantity to suite your taste, you can then add milk to make your cappuccino, latte, or any other drink, even a scoop of hot chocolate turns a cappuccino into a sneaky mock - mochaccino (free red monkey coffee tip for you there!) The machines also have the optional (all though some come with it) Auto Cappuccino Frother, this takes the mess out of milk frothing by drawing the milk from a container, frothing, steaming and dispensing directly into your cup! No waste, no mess. These are the top of the range in Bean to Cup machines on the market, highly recommended.

Red Monkey Coffee Reveals All About the Jura J5

The Jura J5 introduces the latest innovation from Jura, width adjustable coffee dispenser, to fit just about all standard cups, the coffee will flow direct in the cup, not down the side, making sure the crema forms perfectly. This machine also brings in a new look in the Jura, clean lines, and a white or black main body finish, a change from the black only body, the piano white finish reminds Red Monkey Coffee of iPOD design styling, a fresher look and alternative to the other range. As always Jura have integrated all the latest technology in coffee making, this is a great looking machine and with performance to match. We hope this helps.
©2006 Red Monkey Coffee

A word from Jura about the J5

Clear, uncluttered lines and first-class materials are integral to the design of the IMPRESSA J line. Every single detail is precisely thought out and fuses with the others to form a consummate aesthetic whole. All this makes the IMPRESSA J line a genuinely beautiful object so compact it will fit anywhere.

JURA is proud to present yet another innovation that helps make coffee that little bit more perfect. For the first time ever, you can now adjust not only the height of the coffee spout but also the width, which means it will fit just about any standard cup.

Featured Features

J5 Width-adjustable spout
Another innovation from JURA is the height-adjustable and now, for the first time, width-adjustable spout. It can be set precisely to accommodate a vast range of cup heights and diameters, preventing coffee splashes and guaranteeing a fabulous crema of ideal consistency.
Jura Integrated accessories
When you have the capacity to make so many specialities, it’s good to have all your accessories within easy reach. And that’s something else we thought about in the IMPRESSA J5. That’s why the integrated accessories compartment has plenty of room for measuring spoons and hot water spouts.
Tea Three different temperatures for hot water
The IMPRESSA J5 is not only equipped to make fabulous coffee: it also makes the most of selected tea blends. Which is why the hot water can be set to three different temperatures. Whether you’re making a soothing green tea or a strong, flavoursome herb tea, you will be delighted by the results.
Cappuccino Professional Auto-Cappuccino spout
With the Professional Auto-Cappuccino spout, supplied as part of the extras, even the most enticing specialities can be made fast and easily. First, it sucks the milk up from the container, then warms and froths it, enabling you to make fabulous milk-based specialities like cappuccino and latte macchiato in seconds. And, if you prefer, you can warm the milk without frothing.

Full Specifications of the Jura J5

At Red Monkey Coffee we have made it as easy as possible for you to see exactly what the machines come with, what is standard across the range and what is unique to this model. Also note that some of the main differences are the looks, style and finish of each machine.
Features which make the Jura J5 stand out from lower priced models are highlighted in red...

• Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©)
Two cups in one brewing process
CLARIS filter plus (I.P.W.S.© compatible)
Variable brewing unit (5-16 g)
Integrated, six-level grinder
High-performance pump, 15 bar
Heating system: thermobloc
Option to use second pre-ground coffee
Programmable switch-off
Programmable switch-on time
Automatic scale detector
Integrated rinsing/cleaning/de-scaling programme
Adjustable water hardness
Volume of waste grounds container (port.) approx. 16
Connector System©
separate hot water portion frother attachment
Rotary control menu switch - On top like the £1595 Jura Z5!
Display dialogue system multilingual
Two-level, height-adjustable coffee spout 65 mm - 111 mm
Width-adjustable coffee spout
Integrated accessories compartment
Automatic recognition of filter replacement / maintenance programs
Automatic recognition to fill beans / empty tray
Capacity of water tank 2.1 litres
Bean container with aroma preservation cover 250 grams
Active bean monitoring
Powder recognition for second pre-ground coffee
Adjustable coffee strength 4 strengths
Adjustable amount of water
Programmable coffee strength
Programmable water volume for coffee
Programmable hot water and steam portions
Programmable brewing temperature
Programmable brewing temperature for hot water
Energy Save Mode (E.S.M©)
Cup illumination
Cup counter
Indication of maintenance status
Information menu
Sound reducing design
Cable length app. 1.1 m
Voltage 220 - 240 V AC
Power 1450 W
Weight 10.75 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 28.5 x 34.2 x 43.3 cm
Tests CE + SEV
Swiss made - quality design and build

More Information

Some of the Jura technology explained, at Red Monkey Coffee we give you all the information.
• I.P.B.A.S.© (Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System©)

One of the secrets of perfect coffee: The coffee powder is moistened before the actual brewing process starts. The quantity of pre-brew water is adjusted to the powder quantity automatically. The result: full aroma and a velvety crema.
• Variable brewing unit 5 - 16 g
2 Cups in one brewing process
Patented variable brewing unit. Adjustable between 5 & 16 grams of coffee. Ensures optimum pressure and brewing conditions with any quantity. Allows for 2 cups in one brewing operation, making all Jura machines genuine 2-cup machines.
• Integrated, 6-setting conical grinder
The hardened stainless steel cones are wear-resistant and have a long service life. The high-precision conical grinding gear produces a heterogeneous mixture of fine powder and coarser particles. You can adjust the optimum grinding degree for your favourite coffee.
• I.P.W.S.© compatible (CLARIS filter cartridge system)
The Claris Water Filter installs directly into the water tank. Filters the water to purify and remove the causes of lime scale, it also makes the coffee taste better as the water is purified. Available to order online here.

Full Manual & Technical Specifications (PDFs)
Downloads require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have any questions about the operation of the machine what better way to find to out about them than to look at the manual, this will tell you exactly how the operation is carried out and exactly what the machine can do. Or give us a call on Freephone 0800 321 3357.

Download Jura J5 Manual PDF (File Size 512Kb / 3 mins)
Download Jura J5 Technical Specs PDF (File Size 100Kb / 30 secs)

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