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Francis Francis!
Bodum Bodum
Granos £299
ascaso / innova dream
dream aluminium

dream colours
15 different colour finishes!

ascaso / innova grinders
innova i2 grinder

available in matching colours & aluminum.

ascaso / innova arc fun
innova arc fun
colours: yellow, kid blue, baby pink, black.

All items above are fully in stock - order online.

Items below are coming soon, call 0870 2074831 for details or to order!

innova arc s'steel £370
innova elipse
innova elipse aluminium
innova elipse black
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This exciting new range from innova is a good mix of style, fun with a retro twist and technology. All the innova range have powerful 16 bar pumps these will deliver in all areas. Innova are a spanish espresso maker company recently introducing it's machines into the UK, a welcomed addition.

Dream fully in stock and available in 8 different colours £365 or Polished Aluminium £395. click to see specs and order.

Innova i2 Grinders
The excellent conical burr grinder from innova available in matching colours or the cool Polished Aluminum. Click to see specs and order.

Arc Fun
A new range, more compact in size, clean modern design, lovely little machines. Available to order online now - £289. Fully in stock.

Tel: 0870 207 4831
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