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Jura Impressa XF70

Jura Impressa XF70 UK

Jura Impressa XF70 UK
Usage suitable for 50 Cups Per Day
XF70 Light Commercial Bean to Cup Espresso Coffee Machine

Jura XF70... £1100 + VAT
(£1292.50 Inc VAT)
+ Free Extras Worth... £177

Free UK Delivery On All Orders

This is the baby of the commercial range, adapted from the mid range domestic model (F70), this has a larger water tank and larger waste coffee compartment for higher usage. This is a super little machine, doing essentially everything the larger machines do but in a compact design with lower output.

Now, fabulous coffee comes to the office. Apart from making a top-quality cup of coffee, the new machine is unusually designed and has a clear-cut operating concept, with all maintenance at the touch of a button. Where a daily capacity of around 30 cups is called for, the compact IMPRESSA XF70 has got what it takes.

Red Monkey Coffee's Main Points to Note When Comparing to X7 or X9:

No Mains Plumbing Option - This model can not be plumbed into the mains water supply, can only be used by hand filling water tank, this also means you will need to use Claris Water Filters.
No One Touch Cappuccino/Latte - Coffee & Milk Prepared Seperatley, Still has automatic milk frothing but must be despenced separatley to coffee.
No Twin Boiler - This doesnt effect function on speed of the machine, you will have a delay of around 20-30 seconds when switching to and from coffee despensing and milk frothing, no delay on Z5/X5, X7 or X9.
Lower Cup Output - 50 cups per day compared to 100-200

The Jura Impressa commercial range of bean to cup coffee systems are characterised both by there advanced technology and its user-friendly operation. This machine is sophisticated and simple to use, requiring no mains water if not available so the machine can be setup anywhere, no technician or training is needed. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, the results are amazing, your own swiss engineered robotic barista.

Suitable Use: office, bar, restaurant, hairdressers, conferences & seminars, car showroom, meeting rooms, receptions and there is no reason why you cant have it in your home!. Note: This machine is not suitable for coffee shops, it is not intended nor would the warranty cover it for constant heavy commercial use every day, if you require a machine for over 50 cups we would recommend the Jura X7 or X9 models. All the machines can be used to whatever level you wish and there is no reason why they would not handle it but if a fault occurred the warranty may be invalid which would mean the repair would be chargeable, the machines log the number of cups produced.

Impressa X9 Simple Operation - Touch Screen

If you wish to use the IMPRESSA XF70 to make coffee specialities, it couldn’t be easier. Operating elements are reduced to a minimum and clearly understandable. Simply turn and push to navigate intuitively through the entire range – the Rotary Switch makes it all possible. Easy Select© gives you coffee à la carte completely to your own personal taste. The touchscreen provides nine programmed coffee specialities while Easy Select© offers two different aroma and temperature levels. This effectively means you have 36 different types of coffee to choose from.
Compact, and a great looker all round

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the machine fits in virtually anywhere and is an attractive feature of any room. With a great deal of care and love of detail, designer Wolfgang Jönsson has turned every side of the IMPRESSA XF70 into a genuine eye-catcher. Image shows difference in size between old X95 model.
Jura X9 Versatility: Connector System©

If you have a longing for a cup of tea, satisfy it with the programmable tea portion function. The Connector System© allows you to use a water jet and Red Monkey Coffee's Free Included Professional Cappuccino Frother.
Because it’s performance that counts

The IMPRESSA XF70 comes into its own when you want to make something like 50 cups of coffee specialities a day: in offices, car showrooms, boutiques or hairdressing salons, for instance. It is maintained and ready for use in seconds. All you have to do is concentrate on essentials - like enjoyment. Needless to say, you can also use a second, pre-ground coffee blend: thanks to the powder dispenser monitor, the intelligent electronics recognize it automatically.

Not just the coffee strength but also the water volume and temperature can be set to suit your personal preference.
Height adjustable coffee spout
The height can slide between 70mm and 111 mm. This permits adjustment to accomadate different cup heights. The crema is preserved and no coffee splashes onto the appliance.

Maintenance programs
The Impressa XF70 offers three different integrated cleaning programs: a coffee sector cleaning, auto cappuccino cleaning and combined cleaning programs. Also de-scaling programs also available but should not need to be carried out if Claris Water Filters are used.

I.P.W.S.© CLARIS water filter cartridge system
All Jura machines incorporate the CLARIS water filter system in the water tanks. The CLARIS filter cartridge protects your machine and increases its life. The CLARIS system filters the causes of limescale and other substances. Water with a high lime content can damage your coffee machine, lime deposits in the heating cartridge or the thermo-block and clogs the water pipes.

The water is filtered to leave a much more pure water which will also improve the taste, a coffee is only as good as the water it is made with.

Features Table [Including the featured ones above]
At Red Monkey Coffee we have broken it down for you so you can see exactly what extra you get on each model & what is the standard, remember its also the look, design and style of the machine which is one of the biggest differences, the XF70 is a more compact machine design with modern looks.

The XF70's Features, both the Z5/X5, X7 & X9 have higher specs/better features.
• Height Adjustable Dispenser 70mm – 111mm
• bean container vol 200g
• spherical burr grinder
• high performance 15 bar pump
Rotary Dial Menu Control
• Second pre-ground coffee
• Metal cup support (not heated)
• hot water output for Tea, Hot Chocolate
• Volume of waste grounds max 30 portins can be held before needing emptying.
• Daily cup output approx. 50
Sensitive Touchscreen Technology©
(This feature is not available on the higher spec X5, X7 & X9 models)

Standard Features found across all the Jura 'X' commercial models:
Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System© (A pre-pump soak of the coffee grinds which extracts extra flavour from the coffee)
I.P.W.S.© (CLARIS water filter cartridge system) Filters the water to purify and remove the causes of lime scale and makes the coffee taste better as the water is purified.
Auto-Cappuccino - Frothed & Steamed milk dispensed into cup direct from milk container, no more frothing in jugs.
• Two cups in one brewing process
• Built in adjustable bean grinder
Integrated cleaning, de-scaling & rinsing programmes, no need for
outside maintenance.
• Programmable powder quantity 5-16g, brewing temperature, on-off time, water hardness.
Graphic display
• Multi language display/dialogue system
• Automatic recognition & notification of filter replacement, de-scaling & cleaning
• Adjustable automatic switch-on/off time
• Adjustable water hardness
• CE Approved
Physical Model Specifications
• bean container vol 200g
water tank volume
3.2 litres
weight 10 Kg
• 230 Volts AC / 1.45 kW / 10 A
• Cable Length 1.1 meters
• Dimensions:
(B x H x D) 32.5 x 37.5 x 47cm

This can not be plumbed in to the mains water supply, only hand fill. It requires no plumbing, wiring, waste, regular outside servicing or training the machine is self maintaining with cleaning & decalcifying cycles performed by yourself with tablets, the machine will tell you when these need to be carried out.
Preparation Times Unofficial (approx):
1 espresso (60ml) 30 secs
2 espressos 45 secs
1 coffee (120ml) 40 secs
2 coffees 65 secs
Times for cappuccino, latte etc are dependant on how long you take to dispence/froth your milk, this is automatic without moving your cup on the X5/Z5, X7 & X9.

Click to Download the Jura XF70 Full Instruction Manual PDF (File Size 0.5Mb)

Click to Download the Jura XF70 Technical Spec Sheet PDF (File Size 0.1Mb)

Get to know the machine before you buy it, we have the Manual for you to download as a PDF and view so you can see exactly how it operates. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you need any advice or you have a question we have not answered
email or call us on 0870 207 4831 for advice & ordering.

Urgent order or question? Try our Jura experts mobile line for express ordering & any pre sales questions (O2 Standard Mobile Number) Txt or Call 07719 020800

Red Monkey Coffee's Free Extras... Worth
Free 1 Year Full Commercial Jura UK Warranty Parts & Labour*
Free Ongoing Red Monkey phone & email support & advice
Free Auto Cappuccino Unit
Free Next Day Boxed UK Delivery With Online Tracking £19.99
Free 2 Kgs of different Red Monkey Coffees, our own quality fresh roasted coffees, not like other cheap stuff, you, your collegues & your customers will appriciate it!
Free 2 Pack of Jura Claris Water Filters
Free 25 Pack of Cleaning Tablets
Free 1 Litre of Jura Cappuccino Cleaning Liquid
Free Jura 3 Pack of Decalcification Tablets
Dont like these free extras? No problem, give us a call 0870 207 4831 or email and apart from the delivery we can change any items for whatever you want from our site upto the same value, all part of Red Monkey Coffee's service.
Total Red Monkey Free Extras Package

Plus pay by DEBIT CARD, Cheque or BACS & get an extra 1Kg of coffee or £15 extra credit to apply to accessories!


Jura Impressa XF70

Jura XF70... £1100 + VAT
(£1292.50 Inc VAT)
+ Free Extras Worth... £177

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Optional Extras: Click to see the range of optional extras for the Jura Commercial Range, including Token acceptor, Milk Fridges, Cup Washer, Cup Warmers...
Jura XF70 Red Monkey Coffee

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