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Jura X9
Jura X9 Chrome

Jura X7-S

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Jura X5/Z5 CALL

Jura XS90 One Touch
Jura XF50 CALL

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Jura Z5 One Touch to the ENA Non Commercial Range Click Here
The domestic range can also be purchased with a commercial 1 year warranty call for details.

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Jura UK

Jura Commercial
Jura combines the latest Swiss technology and design in a state of the art fully automatic espresso/cappuccino maker.

Using advanced technology and a very user friendly operating system, one of the first range of light-mid commercial “plug-and-play” espresso machines. With a choice of models available X7 & X9 can fulfil any application upto 100 cups per day. With the X5/Z5, XS90 or XF70 being highly suitable for the smaller outlet, and where more demand is required we have the X7 and X9.

Introducing the X9...
Jura Impressa X9

The latest most advanced, easy to use, efficent bean to cup coffee machine from Jura, sleek style, cool operation, feature packed. Coffee perfection at the touch of a button. One Touch Cappuccino King. ©RMC

Jura X9
£3390 + VAT
+ Free Extras Worth... £295.00
Before you do the deal, give us a call on 0800 321 3357, if its the best price you need and the best service then give us a call at Red Monkey Coffee.

Jura Impressa X7-S

The innovative coffee maker preceeds the X9, with similar operations and features this machine has style and is easy to use and produces great coffee like all the Juras. ©RMC

Jura X7-S Black
Jura X7-S £2390 + VAT
+ Free Extras Worth... £295.00

Jura X7C Silver Finish Discontinued
Jura X5

Jura Impressa X5 / Z5 / Z7
Available from domestic range with commercial warranty. Click here.
Jura XS90

Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch

Now with One Touch Cappuccino / Latte this is a great model, best value for money and features. ©RMC

Jura Impressa XS90 One Touch
£1649 + VAT
+ Free Extras.. £261.19

Jura X95 Silver Finish No Longer Available
Older Jura X90 Black Finish No Longer Available

Jura Impressa XF50

The XF50 is the baby of the commercial range, the same features & base workings as the domestic F50 but the X model has a larger water tank & coffee waste draw. Suitable for a lower cup output than the X7 & X9 super automatics. ©RMC

Jura Impressa XF50
£1099 + VAT
+ Free Extras.. £177.00
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