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Jura UK


Jura IMPRESSA C9 One Touch
One Touch Cappuccino

£1150 Free UK Delivery
+ Free Extras Worth £224

The IMPRESSA C9 is the most compact JURA automatic speciality coffee machine, and treats you to a perfect cappuccino at the touch of a button and without having to move the cup. The One Touch Cappuccino design makes this possible. A simple, logical operating syntax combined with a plain text display guides you directly to your personal coffee preferences.

  • Cappuccino at the touch of a button without having to move the cup (Note doesnt make one touch flat latte)
  • You can program it to make a milky cappuccino but it can only froth the milk creating bubbles, not steam it like the Jura S9 One Touch or Z5 Gen 2 One Touch
  • Plain text display
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Integrated cappuccino cleaning and rinsing programme
  • Stainless steel vacuum milk container
Jura C9 One Touch
Domestic 25 Month Warranty (Covers 10 Cups Per Day)

Alternative 1 Year Commercial Warranty £175
Commercial 12 Month Warranty (Covers 50 Cups Per Day)

IMPRESSA - if you love coffee
Free Standard Extra Items From Jura: These items are what Jura include with the machine, they are standard extras, you cant change these items, we have put their equivelent value to illustrate what you are getting with the machine.
Cleaning Samples: 2 Cleaning Tablets, 250ml Cleaning Liquid, 1 Jura Claris Water Filter
Jura One Touch Cappuccino Unit
Jura Stainless Steel Thermal Milk Container
Free Extra Items From Red Monkey Coffee: What we give you on top of the standard items. Don't like some of these? No problem, they are flexible, apart from the delivery we can change any items for equivelent value items of your choice. Simply order as usual & list what you want to changed in the comments box on the order page (£2 leway) or freephone 0800 321 3357 or email.

Plus pay by DEBIT CARD get an extra 500g bag of coffee!
Next Day UK Delivery Courier Service
2Kg of different Red Monkey Coffees
6 Pack of Cleaning Tablets
1 Litre of Cappuccino Cleaning Liquid
2 White Cappuccino Cups & Saucers
Total Jura £129.90
Total Red Monkey Coffee £94.38
Total Free Extras Package

Oily Coffee Note: As with all bean to cup machines, they are not compatible with oily coffee, it can cause clogs in the grinder and jams in the brew chamber, only use non oily coffee and not caramlised beans. Avoid Italia Dark & Metropolis Espresso Coffee from our range.

Further information

Download C9 One Touch Tech Specs  (PDF, 50Kb)
Download C9 One Touch Manual    (PDF, 6 MB)
C9 One Touch Virtual Demo / Knowledge Builder (Flash)
» Cleaning Proucts and Accessories  
Cappuccino at the touch of a button
With its One Touch Cappuccino frother the IMPRESSA C9 makes your coffee dreams come true at the touch of a button without moving the cup.
Simple operation
A plain text display, easily comprehensible symbols and the Rotary Switch make operation of the IMPRESSA C9 clear and simple.
Adjustable coffee spout height
The coffee spout height can be conveniently varied between 65 and 111 mm to suit all cup sizes, for example espresso and coffee cups.
Stainless steel vacuum milk container
The compact automatic speciality coffee machine also includes a 0.4 litre stainless steel vacuum milk container as a standard feature.


Jura C9 One Touch Knowlegde Builder - Virtual Demo / Interactive Manual
The digital assistant LEO will teach you all about the Jura C9 One Touch. Get to know the machine before your buy!

Tel: 0870 207 4831
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