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Jura UK

Jura ENA 5

Jura ENA 5
The Smart Choice

RRP £795 NOW £775 Free UK Delivery
+ Free Extras Worth £100

(Colours, click the colours above to see them)

JURA is totally redefining the compact class with the slender fully automatic machine for espressos and coffee specialities.

For reasons of space, many coffee fans have had to go without the benefits of a fully automatic machine for espressos and coffee specialities in the past. Not for them the unique pleasure of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

Now the solution has arrived: The new ENA from JURA is a slim 23.8 cm wide, which makes it easy to accommodate even when space is at a premium. The ENA is compact, young and easy to operate. 23.8cm wide coffee machine
  • 5-stage powerful conical burr grinder
  • Direction and height adjustable coffee spout
  • CLARIS plus filter cartridge for ENA
  • Easy Cappuccino Frother
  • Connector System

Further information

Download ENA 5 Tech Specs  (PDF, 51kb)
Download ENA 5 Manual    (PDF, 1.6Mb)
ENA 5 Virtual Demo   (Flash)
» Cleaning Proucts and Accessories  

Zero Energy Switch
This patented innovation disconnects the machine entirely from the electrical mains. This means ENA does not consume any energy in standby mode.

  Jura ENA Red Monkey Coffee
Direction and height-adjustable coffee spout
The coffee spout of the ENA5 can be set for preparing either one or two cups simply by turning it. It goes without saying that its height can also be adjusted smoothly from 65 to 111 mm in order to adapt to the height of cup.
Multicolour plain text display
The ENA is equipped with a 3-colour plain text display. The colours display the status of the ENA.
One-switch philosophy
Turn, press, enjoy. No-one could wish for any more intuitive and straightforward operation.

Jura ENA 5 Coffee Cherry RED £775 OUT OF STOCK

Jura ENA 5 Blossom WHITE £775 OUT OF STOCK

Jura ENA 5 Ristretto BLACK £775 OUT OF STOCK

Jura ENA 5 Espresso CREMA £775 OUT OF STOCK

Jura ENA 5 Coffee Leaf GREEN £775 OUT OF STOCK

Jura ENA 5 BLUE Mountain Sky £775 OUT OF STOCK

Jura ENA 5 Espreso BROWN £775 OUT OF STOCK

IMPRESSA - if you love coffee
WE PRICE MATCH - If you see this machine cheaper or are offered a lower price in writing, let us know we will try and beat it call 0800 321 3357 or email.

Free Standard Extra Items From Jura: These items are what Jura include with the machine, they are standard extras, you cant change these items, we have put their equivelent value to illustrate what you are getting with the machine.
25 Month Full UK Manufacturer Warranty
Easy Auto Cappuccino Unit
Cleaning Samples: 2 Cleaning Tablets, 250ml Cleaning Liquid, 1 Jura ENA Claris Water Filter
Free Extra Items From Red Monkey Coffee: What we give you on top of the standard items. Don't like some of these? No problem, they are flexible, apart from the delivery we can change any items for equivelent value items of your choice. Simply order as usual & list what you want to changed in the comments box on the order page (£2 leway) or freephone 0800 321 3357 or email.

Plus pay by DEBIT CARD get an extra 227g bag of coffee!
Next Day UK Delivery Courier Service
1Kg of different Red Monkey Coffees
6 Pack of Cleaning Tablets
Total Jura £55
Total Red Monkey Coffee £45
Total Free Extras Package

Tel: 0870 207 4831
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