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Francis Francis!
Francis Francis X1 £339
Francis Francis X3 £270
Francis Descaler
The X2, X4 & the X5 models are discontinued as well as some colours of the X1 & X3.

Loose Coffee Filter Holder Adapter (Current Brass Boiler) £40
Loose Coffee Filter Holder Adapter (Older Aluminium Boiler)
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Limited Edition Signed Designer Espresso/Cappuccino Cup Sets:
Encrypted £95
Sold Out

Sold Out
Ice Cellars
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These cups have reached their limited editions, so the ones we have now are the last ever, great collectors sets, gorgeous cups.

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Signed Limited Edition Espresso Cups, Collector Gift Sets.

These limited edition espresso and cappuccino cups sets have been handcrafted of fine porcelain and uniquely illustrated by Paolo Rossetti. The espresso cup set comes packaged in a round decorative tin box and includes 6 cups and saucers. The cappuccino cup set is packaged in a decorative cardboard box. They are not considered to be dishwasher safe.

francis francis espresso cups gift set

FrancisFrancis Encrypted Espresso Cups Gift Set £95
by Paolo Rossetti, Signed Limited Editions

Words from Roberta Lorenzetti: The Enchanter of Symbols

No, it won’t help you to try to understand. These cups are Encrypted. And it’s useless to call studious experts of languages, because these symbols don’t mean anything. Fragments of Egyptian, Hindi, Japanese, indecipherable slash and bar codes, all symbols beyond significance, searched for and selected to create a visual tapestry that lets the imagination fly.

Paolo Rossetti, expert alchemist of the graphic and gimmick language, this time for FrancisFrancis!, used a formula that almost magically deprives the symbols of any significance, it makes them impossible to interpret, to evidenceate a visual evocation, which appears to say nothing but then reveals unforeseeable harmonies. Nothing conventional, certainly, but on a personal level, each one of us can read different contents with every sip of coffee.

Before handwriting becomes comprehensible there is a rhythm, given by the hand that scrawls across the surface, and it is exactly the movement of symbols that Rossetti wanted to sculpt in porcelain.

Every cup, every saucer is a net of symbols that blend together, revealing and hiding themselves. Their complexities generates forms that become dance, music, wind, fugues. But always in movement, for an unexpected aesthetic expression, beyond any such content that can be found in itself.

Roberta Lorenzetti

  • Made from high quality porcelain
  • Each set contains 6 cups and saucers
  • Cups: Height 5cm(1.9") x Diameter 6cm(2.3"). Saucer: Diameter 11cm(4.3").
  • Signed, Limited Editions, your set will have a edition number
  • Made in Germany by Zeitler
  • Presented in large reusable tin of same design, safely packed in preformed foam example of tin below, design will match espresso cups design

    francis francis espresso cups gift set

    FrancisFrancis Encrypted Espresso Cups Set
    Very last set, these limited editions were stopped years ago, very rare, impossible to get, one last set found in our stock!!!

    In stock for immediate 24 hour delivery (if ordered before 1pm)
    Last Updated 17-12-2013

    FrancisFrancis Encrypted Espresso Cups Set £95

    You have FrancisFrancis
    Encrypted Espresso Cups Set in your sack.

    Prices include FREE UK Delivery by 1st Class Royal Mail / Courier.
    Orders are normally dispatched by the above method within 24 hours.

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