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Francis Francis!
Francis Francis X1 £339
Francis Francis X3 £270
Francis Descaler
The X2, X4 & the X5 models are discontinued as well as some colours of the X1 & X3.

Loose Coffee Filter Holder Adapter (Current Brass Boiler) £40
Loose Coffee Filter Holder Adapter (Older Aluminium Boiler)
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Limited Edition Signed Designer Espresso/Cappuccino Cup Sets:
Encrypted £83.99

Sold Out
Ice Cellars
Sold Out
These cups have reached their limited editions, so the ones we have now are the last ever, great collectors sets, gorgeous cups.

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ice cellars cappuccino cups francesco illy

Signed Limited Edition Espresso Cups, Collector Sets.

These limited edition espresso and cappuccino cups sets have been handcrafted of fine porcelain and uniquely illustrated by Francesco Illy. The espresso cup set comes packaged in a round decorative tin box and includes 6 cups and saucers. The cappuccino cup set is packaged in a decorative cardboard box. They are not considered to be dishwasher safe.

francis francis espresso cups gift set

FrancisFrancis Ice Cellars Espresso Cups Collectors Gift Set
by Francesco Illy, Signed Limited Editions

OUT OF STOCK - Limited Editions Ended

Paolo Rossetti on Ice Cellars:

Paolo Rossetti on Ice Cellars. It is almost ten years since I found myself photographing a flower for the first time with Francesco. On the one hand the two of us were there, with a camera in the middle, and on the other hand there was a lily. Out of all of us, the one that appeared the most serene and at ease was the lily. Francesco then continued to photograph flowers and they became one of his main research subjects. Together with landscapes and people. What unites them has to do with the spirit, that mystery that every shape whether small or immense contains, protecting its inner, magical substance. Francesco searches for this with an insatiable curiosity, a bit like a scientist or a miner, to transform it into emotion, joy for the eyes, food for the soul. A psychological garden. Look at the picture beside. Six coffee cups and six plates. Concentrate on each piece individually and try to transform what you see into a recognisable emotion, a sentiment that resounds within you: try to describe it. Now, you can combine a cup and a plate as you might compose your personalised garden, changing with your state of mind. You have 36 possibilities. Enjoy yourself with Ice Cellars.

  • Made from high quality porcelain
  • Each set contains 6 cups and saucers
  • Cups: Height 5cm(1.9") x Diameter 6cm(2.3"). Saucer: Diameter 11cm(4.3").
  • Signed, Limited Editions, your set will have a edition number and signature printed under each cup
  • Made in Germany by Zeitler
  • Presented in reusable tin, safely packed in preformed foam
    FREE 250g Bag of espresso coffee worth £4.95
FrancisFrancis Ice Cellars Espresso Cups Set
RRP £90 Red Monkey Price £83.99
In stock for immediate 24 hour delivery (if ordered before 1pm)

OUT OF STOCK - Limited Editions Ended

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