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Indian Monsoon Malabar
Deep humus in the rich Indian soil and ideal climate conditions result in fantastic coffees. This coffee is the Top Grade in the line of Monsooned Arabicas. These beans are "monsooned" spread across the floors of huts throughout the rain season to recreate the waterlogging effects of the long ocean voyage between India and Europe in the past. This process creates a earthiness and unique flavor nicely suited to Monsooned Malabar’s silky, lush body.

Indian Monsoon Malabar evening coffee is a distinctive variation of the Monsoon Basanally. This coffee displays a full body, low acidity and the flavor is mellow and soft. Unusual and Distinctive.

Pure origin of the Country of India - Malabar is picturesque coastal town in the state of Kerala.

Medium - Strong Strength - Medium Roast

227g Roasted £6.49 bag(s) in sack.

500g Roasted £12.59 bag(s) in sack.

1Kg Roasted £21.99 bag(s) in sack.

1Kg Green Beans £17.99 bag(s) in sack.

2Kg Green Beans £30.99 bag(s) in sack.

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