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Organic Espresso
Italia Dark
Mediterranean Mocha

Colombian Excelso
Decaffeinated Colombian
Costa Rican Fairtrade
Ethiopian Mocha
Indonesian Java
Mocha Mysore Blend
Red Monkey Blend

Organic Peru
Mexican Altura
Honduras Marcala
Peruvian Chanchamayo
Sumatran Fairtrade, Org
Kenyan Elephant Ears
Papua New Guinea
Indian Monsoon Malabar

Famous Seven Wonders Sacks - Try more for your money! 7 x 100g
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All coffees available as Green Beans - order on the same page as roasted coffees or click here

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Red Monkey Coffee's Famous Mini Pack Sacks
As featured in
The Sunday Times - Doors Internet Supplement
as the 'Deal of the week' July 2001

Our famous Mini Pack Sacks put you in control and gives you more out of your order, we give you a chance to try different coffees in your order. The sacks are made up of 100g mini packs, each 100g mini pack can contain any of our coffees from all price lists, you select the coffees you want. We have put together 2 Sack options:

Triple Pack Sack
300g of coffee (3x100g) £9.95

Seven Wonders Sack
700g of coffee (7x100g) £21.95

How to order: The form below will allow you to send us your Mini Pack Sack coffee selections, first fill out and submit this form with your order. Once this form is completed and submitted you will be redirected to a page where you then add the chosen mini pack sack option to your shopping sack(click here to access that page direct). Once you have finished shopping go to your shopping sack and complete the main order form and payment process using the same details you give us here. Once we receive the payment we will match it to the details you submit on this page and process the order as normal. There is no commitment until payment is completed at the last stage.

Prices include FREE UK Delivery by 1st Class Royal Mail / Courier.
Orders are normally dispatched by the above method within 24 hours.
Step 1: Select your coffees for each mini pack.

Coffee for 1st 100g pack:

Coffee for 2nd 100g pack:

Coffee for 3rd 100g pack:

If ordering the seven wonders sack then select 4 more coffees.

Coffee for 4th 100g pack:

Coffee for 5th 100g pack:

Coffee for 6th 100g pack:

Coffee for 7th 100g pack:

Step 2: Select the way to supply you your coffee

Now you have chosen your unique selection of coffees, please select how you want your Coffee supplied:
(If you do not specify how you want it supplied, Whole Beans is the default way we supply coffee)

Step 3: Fill out your name and e-mail address and submit form


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